September 17, 2012

PTA Membership Cards


Membership Cards are now available for pick up at the Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA.  The cards have a new look… better and improved.  In addition, the Membership Card Template is available for printing your unit’s name, National PTA ID number, and individual member’s name, on your computer printer.

Dont’ forget to submit your Unit Remittance, every month, one for the Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA, and the other for the Highlands Council Of PTA’s.



Membership Cards…How to Use

Why does every member need to receive a card?

  • Every member should receive a card. A membership card is proof of membership. Most organizations provide a membership card. A membership card entitles a member to a ballot in an election.
  • Applicants for PTA scholarships and grants must provide a copy of their membership card.
  • Remember: one member = one card. (Do not fill in cards for “Mr. and Mrs. Jones” or “Jones Family”.)
  • The “user” and “password” needed to access the portion of the National PTA web site which is reserved for members is on the back of the membership card. It changes every year on November 1.
  • Members must be able to access that benefit and the others described on the National PTA website.

How many cards will our PTA get?

  • Your PTA will receive membership cards equal in number to the total amount of members you had last year.
  • The Tenth District PTSA distributes cards to their PTA units based on the actual membership totals for those units and reserve the 5% for units that have particularly successful membership drives.

Can we get additional cards?

  • A PTA district can request additional cards once they have submitted per capita (dues) to the state office equal to, or approaching, the amount they submitted the previous year. It is advised to quickly and regularly remit per capita (membership dues) to your district or council.
  • PTA districts can relay extenuating circumstances (e.g. new units, extremely successful membership campaigns, cards damaged in some way) to request additional cards.
  • Please submit damaged cards to your district so that National PTA can replace them.

How should cards be filled in? Is the “date issued” important?

  • Only persons who have been members for 30 days can make motions, debate and vote at PTA meetings. Also a person must be a member for at least 30 days prior to being nominated for an office.

Why is the “expiration date” always October 31?

  • The expiration date should always be the following October 31, so that members who join during the school year are eligible to vote on the PTA’s program and budget the following September/October if the membership drive for the new year has not started.

Does the National PTA ID # have to be 8 digits?

  • The National PTA ID number entered for the unit must be 8 digits so if the National ID # you havewritten down is less than 8 digit umber, include enough preceding zeros to make an 8 digit number.
  • You can hand write your cards, stamp them with a name stamp or print them on your computer printer.
  • A template is available if you opt to print your cards on your printer.