Summer PTA To Do List

  • The board should have a summer meeting to get to know each other and begin planning for the new term.
  • Make sure that the annual financial report is completed — then file your taxes!
  • Complete the end-of-year audit and add the new check-signers to the bank account.
  • Select your membership theme for the year, set a membership goal and send out an email through TOTEM to remind folks to join for the 2019-20 school year.
  • Attend trainings offered by your council or district and make plans to attend the Regional Leadership Conferences in August and September.
  • Visit to familiarize yourself with the Toolkit.
  • Review your calendar and budget to make sure they are in line with your plans and goals.
  • Relax and enjoy time with your family so you will be re-charged and ready for an amazing school year!