Resources for Transition

A lot goes on during PTA transition time. Here are a few resources to ease the process:

  • Preparing for Fall Finances – Budgeting, forms, financial procedures. Oh, my! Get the scoop on how to start your 2018-19 PTA year on firm financial footing. Check it out!
  • Complete the Last Audit – Don’t forget to get the audit completed from the last term. It can be started as soon as the last check is written in June or July 1st. It should be completed in July before any checks are written by the new officers
  • Activities of the Board-Elect – The smooth transition of outgoing and incoming board members and officers is vital and can determine your PTA’s leadership success for years to come. The transition process is the responsibility of both incoming and outgoing officers and board members. A good process of transition provides an opportunity for outgoing members to evaluate their work and efforts while giving suggestions to new board members on what they wish they had done differently. Get more information for new board members here
  • Procedure Books – Procedure Books are excellent tools to assist the incoming officers with information on how the work of their position went the previous year, contacts and other information which is vital to how to do their position this year. Find out more.

And remember, PTA leaders are a real resource to help you during transition time and any time! Contact Highlands Council or the Tenth District PTSA or the California State PTA headquarters with any questions you may have. We are here to help you!