Celebrating 117 Years



Happy Presidents’ Day and Founders’ Day!
It’s Presidents’ Day, a day to reflect on our founding fathers. But February 17 is also Founders’ Day at the National PTA.


Alice Birney and Phoebe Hearst, National PTA’s founders, met in 1895 when their similar passions brought them together. These two remarkable women shared a love for books, a belief in the power of education, and an undying desire to provide every child the best that life had to offer. Ms. Birney and Ms. Hearst joined forces and began to plan how they could turn their dreams into actions, creating the National Congress of Mothers.


They met with President Grover Cleveland and his wife 118 years ago today to organize a White House reception for the newly formed association. With assistance from the first lady, more than 2,000 men and women gathered at the Arlington Hotel in Washington DC. to discuss the welfare and future of this country’s children.


The First Convocation, as this meeting was called, drew a much larger than expected response. Although the organizers initially feared that the reserved ballroom would be too big for the event, it actually turned out to be too small, resulting in standing room only.


The First Convocation laid the foundation for future meetings of the National Congress of Mothers and further development of the organization. On this Founders’ Day, take a moment to reflect on more than a century of the PTA’s history, advocacy and successes. Please help honor our founders and the many other volunteers who helped to advance the PTA’s mission by continuing your involvement in National PTA. Your donation in honor of Founders’ Day will benefit the Endowment Fund and future generations to come, and ensures that the work of the PTA continues.


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