Keeping Track and Recording Volunteer Hours


The collection of hours is important in maintaining our federal tax-exempt status. An association (PTA) granted nonprofit charitable status must receive one-third of its support from the general public. The recorded hours of volunteers are proof of this. Volunteer hours can be reported in the narrative portion of the IRS 990 report and can also be placed on your PTA’s financial statements.
From the information provided by nonprofit charitable organizations, the IRS publishes a figure, adjusted annually that gives a dollarvalue to the volunteer hours reported. This dollar value is seen (as a donation to local communities and statewide).

This valuation reminds current and prospective members how important their efforts are, and also raises the public’s awareness of the association (PTA). Frequently, foundations and businesses request the number of volunteer hours an organization expends annually when considering the awarding grants.


Use volunteer hour tally sheets:
• On a clipboard in the school office so all members can keep track of their hours more easily as they enter or leave the school when they are there for PTA business.
• As an attendance sheet at unit, council, or district board meetings.
• At the entrance to your PTA association meetings.
• At all PTA programs and activities where there are volunteers.

What hours should be counted?
• Time spent writing PTA agendas, minutes, correspondence, reports,
and newsletter articles.
• Time spent on PTA-related activities and programs at school or within
the community.
• Telephone time regarding PTA business.
• Travel time to and from PTA activities and meetings.
• Attendance at meetings, workshops and other functions related to
PTA work.
• PTA convention attendance (except time spent sleeping and eating).

Annual historian reports The California State PTA requires filing of annual reports in accordance with unit, council, and district bylaws.

At the end of the PTA year, the unit historian or (appointed board member) reports the total volunteer hours in the unit annual report and submits it to the PTA council and district. The council and district PTAs then include these hours in their annual reports to the California State PTA. Volunteer hours should include a projection of time that will be spent after the school year ends through June 30.