Leadership Essentials 2011-2012

January 2012
Leadership EssentialsAbout nominations and elections
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Upcoming Dates
Please note these dates are when materials are due at the state PTA office.  You should always check with your local PTA council and district for their due dates.

Jan 19 Reflections entries due to state PTA.
Feb1 2012 PTA Convention registration opens.
Feb1 PTA High School Senior Scholarship applications due to state PTA.
Feb1 PTA Spotlight Award applications due to state PTA.
Feb6-7 2012PTA Legislation Conference in Sacramento.
Feb17 PTA Founders Day
Mar1 Common Sense Media Parent Education award applications due.
Mar30 School Wellness Recognition Program applications due.
Mar31 Early Bird registration closes for 2012 PTA Convention.


The strength of your PTA depends on the effectiveness of its leaders.  The nominating committee is very important. It determines who will lead your PTA in the years ahead and assures your PTA has the most qualified candidates for office.  That provides for a smooth transition at the end of the school year.  All board members should be on the lookout for  PTA members who have potential to be the leaders in the future.About Nominations and Elections

The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the PTA.  The committee members, therefore, have a tremendous influence on the future of the PTA and should be carefully selected.

Nominating committee members should have a broad acquaintance with the membership and an understanding of the functions and mission of PTA.  The committee should include both experienced leaders as well as newer members.

Did you know?  The nominating committee is the only PTA committee that is not appointed by the president.

The nominating committee is elected by the membership at an association meeting at least two months prior to the election of officers.  Determining when to elect the nominating committee and how many people to elect is outlined in your unit bylaws.  Most PTA units should elect the nominating committee no later than January or February for the election officers in March or early April.

Did you know?  No PTA member shall serve on the nominating committee for two consecutive years.

When selecting nominees for office, the nominating committee should consider the skills and interests of potential candidates, and seek to select the candidates best qualified to lead the PTA association.

Did you know?  The nominating committee presents the slate of officers to the membership as a whole at least 30 days before the election.

When considering someone for any PTA office, assure the person understands all of the duties of the position.  It is crucial to fully explain the duties of a position to a prospective nominee.

Open and frank discussion must be held among members of the committee.  Discussions are strictly confidential, and no information should leave the committee meeting, even after the officers have been elected.

Every effort should be made to provide the PTA with a slate of officers that is balanced in terms of new as well as experienced officers, represents the school attendance area, and reflects the diversity of the school population.

Did you know?  The committee is not obligated to nominate the president or any current officer eligible to serve a second term, or to automatically nominate the executive/first vice-president for president.

A written report from the nominating committee is signed by the committee members and entered into the minutes of the association.

For more details, please see the Toolkit section 2.2.

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November 2011

Leadership Essentials:
November preparation keeps a PTA in good standing
The following are someCommunicator articles you might find helpful

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Upcoming Dates
Please note these dates are when materials are due at the state PTA office.  You should always check with your local PTA council and district for their due dates.

PTA Continuing Education Scholarship applications due to state PTA.
PTA Grant Applications due to state PTA.
Final Resolutions due to state PTA.
Jan 19 Reflections entries due to state PTA.
2012 PTA Convention registration opens.
PTA High School Senior Scholarship applications due to state PTA.
PTA Spotlight Awardapplications due to state PTA.
2012 PTA Legislation Conference in Sacramento
PTA Founders Day


  1. Every PTA must submit membership dues through channels for at least the minimum number of members to reach the state PTA office by December.  Check with your council PTA or district PTA for their due dates if you have not already done this.
  2. Every PTA must submit through channels a yearly insurance premium, which must reach the state office by December 20.  The premium for units for 2012 is $199.
  3. Every PTA must now file annually with the IRS and the State of California.  For more information, see tax filings.  If your PTA’s fiscal year ended on June 30, the due date for filing is November 15.

It’s also important for PTAs to make sure they’re doing the following.

  1. Have at least a president, treasurer and secretary, the minimum number of officers required by the IRS, and make sure that their contact information has been forwarded through channels so that they get the support, resources and information to which they are entitled.
  2. Convene at least three general meetings per year to accomplish basic tasks.  Early in the year, your PTA should adopt the budget, annual financial report, year-end audit, and program for the current year.  Midyear, your PTA should elect a nominating committee and adopt the midyear audit.  In early spring your PTA should meet to elect officers for the next year.
  3. Present a budget for adoption by the membership at the first meeting.  Spend money only as approved by the membership at a general meeting and as properly recorded in minutes of the PTA.
  4. Obtain two authorized signatures on all checks and have receipts for every payment of any kind.  Never pay bills or reimburse with cash.
  5. Undertake activities only as approved by the membership at a general meeting and after the approval has been properly recorded in minutes of the PTA.
  6. Follow PTA insurance guidelines for appropriate PTA activities as summarized in the red/yellow/green light section of theInsurance and Loss Prevention Guide.
  7. Review the bylaws at least once per year.  Having the executive board review them together is a great way to orient everyone to the requirements and timelines of each position.  Update at least every third year.
  8. Perform audits twice a year, January and July, or according to the bylaws, and submit copies of your adopted financial reports (audit reports, including audit checklist and recommendations, year-end financial report and budget) to your council PTA (if you are in a council) or your district PTA.