HIghlands Council of PTA’s Association Zoom Meeting

September 20, 2021 at, 6:00 pm

Please join our first Association Meeting of the year. All executive board members of each unit, elected and appointed officers, principals, teacher representatives, and chairpersons, are invited to attend this meeting.  

Guest Speakers: Mr. Antonio Plascencia, Jr., Director, Parent and Community Services, and Mr. Joel Cisneros, LCSW, Director, School Mental Health, Student Health and Human Services, LAUSD. Find out the types of Mental Health services that are being offered at our schools, and how, we, as PTA leaders, can support our students and families.

I       Meeting Called to Order

II      Introductions
III     Approval of Minutes
IV    Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of Bills
V     Membership Report

VI    Executive Board Report

VIII  New Business

  • Adopt the Annual Financial Report
  • Adopt the Budget 2021-2022 and Release Funds
  • Adopt the Programs and Activities 2021-2022

IX    Guest Speakers:

  • Mr. Joel Cisneros, LCSW Ç€ Director, School Mental Health
    Student Health and Human Services, LAUSD
  • Mr. Antonio Plascencia, Jr.,  Director, Parent and Community Services, LAUSD

Mr. Cisneros and Mr. Plascencia will be presenting on School Mental Health Services and the types of services, assistance, and resources available to our students and families.  

X     Unit Reports: Please be prepared to share a brief report of your unit’s upcoming programs and activities.  

X     Announcements

XI    Meeting Adjourned