Got Tax Forms?

It’s tax form filing time again! Federal and state laws require every PTA to file the following tax forms annually: IRS Form 990 (990, 990EZ or 990N) California State Franchise Tax Board Form 199 (199 or 199N) Registry of Charitable… Read More »Got Tax Forms?

PTA Audit

PTA Audit All unit, council and district PTAs must conduct audits semiannually. An audit is a formal examination of the financial books and records of the financial officers of the PTA. It serves to certify that receipts and expenditures, as… Read More »PTA Audit

PTA Budget

The budget is a financial representation of the activities and operations a PTA expects to conduct during a specified time period. The budget estimates income and expenses for the fiscal year and must be presented to the association for approval… Read More »PTA Budget