Incentives and Awards



Building your PTA membership can really pay off for your school. Not only will your PTA have the support of parents and families, but your PTA could qualify for awesome membership challenge incentives. Download the informational flier.


Units that increase membership by March 31, 2015 will be entered into a 2015 convention drawing that will include a check for $250, a plaque commemorating the award, a tree to plant at the school site and a visit from the California State PTA president. No application is required. Download the informational flier.


Certificates from California State PTA will be distributed to each unit PTA that remits per capita dues for 30 or more members, by October 16, 2014 to the Tenth District PTSA, to arrive in the California State PTA office by October 30. No application required.


Here’s how to receive one free registration to the 2015 California State PTA Convention in Sacramento on April 30-May 3:

  • 100 percent of your full-time, home-based credentialed teachers join your PTA;
  • Your PTA increases membership above last year’s membership total; and
  • A completed application form is received in the California State PTA office no later than midnight, February 2, 2015. To download the application, click here.

What makes this membership challenge unique?
This challenge has two important focuses. California State PTA honors the support and loyalty of teachers—the “T” in PTA. We also continually strive for increased membership. Each qualifying unit that meets all criteria will receive one free convention registration.

How do I complete the application?
Please follow these guidelines:
  • Every full-time, home-based credentialed teacher at your school must have joined, with membership dues remitted through channels and received in the California State PTA office no later than midnight, February 2, 2015.
  • A list of full-time credentialed teachers must be submitted as part of the application. Your principal’s signature will verify that all full-time credentialed teachers based at your school site this school year have been listed.
  • The signature of the PTA president will verify that per capita for every full-time credentialed teacher at your school site has been remitted through channels to California State PTA by midnight, February 2, 2015.
How will we determine which teachers to include on the teacher list?
  • This membership challenge is based on the number of full-time, home-based credentialed teachers at your school, i.e. teachers who hold a California teaching credential, with a full-time teaching contract. ‘Home-based’ refers to the school to which the teacher has been assigned and/or receives a paycheck.
  • Para-educators, educational aides, instructional aides are not credentialed teachers.
  • Full-time teachers include, but are not limited to: K-6 classroom, PE, Art, Math, Science, Social Studies, Humanities, Drama, Foreign Language, Resource, Title 1, Special Ed, etc.
  • Work with your principal. A list of full-time, home-based credentialed teachers at your school may already be available, or may be easily provided by your school office staff.
How will we determine if our unit has increased our membership?
  • A unit has increased membership when their February 2, 2015 year-to-date membership total exceeds their June 30, 2014 end-of-year membership total.
  • District PTA leaders can provide membership totals for each unit in their district.


PTA Unit Spotlight Awards recognize outstanding programs organized by PTA units. They also provide the opportunity to share your successful membership and outreach programs with other PTA leaders throughout the state at a special convention workshop. Units must have met the qualifications for Ready, Set…Remit. An application is required. Learn more and apply for the award today!