February 3, 2012 
The time is now to
transform our public schools
Update on the PTA-supported Our Children, Our Future statewide education initiative
The most urgent crisis facing California schools is that they simply don’t have the resources to provide our children with the education they need.That is why the California State PTA supports the Our Children, Our Future initiative, which will transform our public schools by generating a substantial amount of new revenues for K-12 schools and early childhood education.

Other initiatives have also been proposed for the November 2012 statewide ballot, but we believe Our Children, Our Future is clearly the best for students and public education.

We are moving full-steam ahead and helping to qualify and pass this initiative in November 2012.

All PTA members and leaders are encouraged to join the effort to qualify and pass the Our Children, Our Future initiative.

For a more complete update on the initiative, please click here.

Click here to indicate what types of volunteer actions you’d be willing to take.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact Patty Scripter, Director of Legislation for California State PTA at, if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks for all that you do on behalf of all children and families!