Mar 112019

Hello Highlands Council PTA Members,

Here are Highlands Council’s updates for the month of March:

This month’s meeting will be postponed to Monday April 8th, 2019.  At this meeting we will be holding elections for the board of Highlands Council for the 2019-2020 school year.  We are in need of a Treasurer, if you or someone you know feel they would be a qualified candidate, please let me know.  Our account is less complex than that of a Unit or District and much of the work is in helping unit Treasurer’s with any questions they may have.

Second, registration is NOW OPEN for the 2019 California State PTA Annual Convention! This year, it will be held in the beautiful city of Monterey, California from May 16-18, 2019, not far from the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Come and be a part of the #NextGenPTA movement.

The State PTA Convention is the place to get the training, information, and motivation to help you and your PTA to positively impact the lives of all children and families. Featuring nationally renowned speakers, engaging presenters and empowering programs, this event will give you the tools and resources you need to help your children, school, and PTA succeed!

Registering for convention and booking your hotel is easy — visit to reserve your spot today!

In local news, it has come to my attention from Jessica Cravens of Mt. Washington PTA that the City of Los Angeles is starting a program whereby gas-powered leaf blowers (used by all LAUSD maintenance personnel) can be replaced with electric ones. Since every leaf blower has the same emissions as a small car, it is really important in sharing this information with all of our units. The following link has more details:

Delevan PTA signed a Climate Action Resolution last month at their executive board meeting and I am passing this information on to other units in hopes that your PTAs will also sign.

The resolution comes from Schools for Climate Action, a non-partisan, grassroots, youth-adult campaign with a mission to empower schools to speak up for climate action in order to protect current and future generations. The California PTA signed the resolution in 2015 and Schools for Climate Action are asking us to sign now as individual PTAs. On March 28th a group will be going to DC hand deliver the resolutions to every Congressional office. The more support they have the better!  

Here is a link with information:

Should there be any questions or if you’d like to share information from your units with other Highlands Council units, please contact me at
Take Tada

Feb 192019

BD5 Candidate Forum

Thursday Feb. 21, 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Sotomayor Learning Academies


2050 N. San Fernando Rd.

Los Angeles, CA 90065

Spanish Translation provided

-Proudly organized by Highlands Council PTA and Pacific Council PTA. We are the bodies of the PTA responsible for support, training, and compliance oversight for nearly 40 PTA school units, a majority located in BD5.

-Parents of BD5 schools, this is a great opportunity to come hear what each candidate’s views are so that you can make your own informed choice as to who to vote for.

Feb 042019

Hello Highlands Council PTA members!  

Please join us for our next Highlands Council Meeting from 4:00 to 5:30 on Monday February 11, 2019 where we will be celebrating Founders Day.

The meeting will be held at Cindy Wong’s home at:

2319 Hill Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Once you get near her home, you will see her address number on the mailbox on the street, go up the long driveway and park anywhere along the fence.

We will be providing food, drinks, and a cake in honor of Founders Day to go along with our regular meeting. Please RSVP and let me know how many will be coming from your school. We would like to get an approximate head count so that we can have enough food prepared and ready.  As always, your kids are welcome to come and please feel free to invite your Principals as well.

Topics for discussion will include the recent strike and what it means for the future of LAUSD, recognizing volunteers at your units (please let me know if there is anyone at your schools who we could honor for their contributions to your PTA), formation of a nominating committee for next year’s Highlands Council officers, and information for the upcoming special election to fill the vacant school board seat for our own BD5.  The special election is scheduled for March 5, 2019. 

We hope to see you and your entire board on Monday!

Thank you!
Take Tada
Highlands Council PTA

Jan 032019

Hello Highlands Council members,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

Our next Highlands Council meeting will be held on Monday January 14, 2019 at the Sotomayor Learning Center’s parent center from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. It is important for you to have representation and voice any concerns you may have, and how, we as a council may help, at these meetings.

One of the biggest concerns parents have at this moment is the looming teachers strike currently scheduled to start on Thursday January 10 if an agreement cannot be reached with LAUSD. Many people have asked what the stance of the PTA should be and hopefully this information helps clear up any confusion. According the the PTA toolkit under the topic of collective bargaining, the PTA MUST REMAIN NEUTRAL.

Under the California PTA stance, all PTA’s must remain neutral when the union and the district are engaged in the collective bargaining process, even though we are a Parent, Teacher Association. The California State PTA Toolkit specifically addresses the issue of Collective Bargaining and the different actions that the PTA may take in compliance with California State policies regarding Collective Bargaining.

That said, it is not advisable for the teacher or UTLA representative alone to speak at the association meeting for to following reasons:

  1. This may jeopardize the PTA’s neutrality position.
  2. The PTA has a responsibility to become knowledgeable and to inform the public about proposed contracts, and there are steps that must be taken to fulfill this responsibility.
  3. Under the Education Employment Relations Act (EERA), there is a provision for the public to have access to the collective bargaining clause.  Called the “sunshine” clause, it mandates that all initial proposals of any contract negotiations between employee group and the school district shall be presented at a public meeting of the board of education and that a reasonable time shall elapse to allow for public input before negotiations start.
  4. The PTA Council or Tenth District is encouraged to hold an informational meeting that has representatives from the Teacher’s Union and the school district, and both groups must be represented in order to have this meeting.

Therefore, any information involving ongoing collective bargaining shall come from the board of education through a public meeting, or a meeting that includes both sides, so that all pertinent information are addressed and the PTA must be able to ask “WHAT WILL BE THE EFFECT ON ALL CHILDREN”.

From the California State PTA:

Public School Employer-Employee Negotiations

“The PTA has a responsibility to:

  • Study and become informed early in the process about the proposed contracts and the fiscal implications and to analyze the effect on the students and the programs in the district;
  • Inform all parties if any issue being negotiated either is consistent with or differs with adopted California State PTA position statements;
  • Encourage all parties to work cooperatively to develop procedures to ensure that classrooms and students are not used for propaganda purposes;
  • Remain neutral in the event of a dispute††;
  • Continue with normal PTA activities in the event of a dispute; and
  • Inform parents and community members about proposed contracts and encourage other school-based and community organizations to study proposed contracts.

(The above statement is a policy of the PTA as an organization, and is in no way intended as an infringement on the activities of its members acting as individuals.)
† Scope of bargaining – The law defines “scope,” as a broad range of issues and subjects that either party may or may not introduce for negotiation. Scope is a crucial, dynamic, and frequently litigated area.
†† Dispute – a verbal controversy, a controversy, a debate, or quarrel on any issue under discussion.”

Please come to the January 14 Highlands Council meeting to hear about what parents can do during this time as well as hear about information of the upcoming special election for electing a representative for Board District 5. Again, it is important for at least one officer from your PTA unit attend.

Thank you!
Take Tada
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